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Corporate Name: T-Life Environmental Lab Co. Ltd.

Address:        2-1-18 Nishishinsaibashi, Fukui Bldg. 6th Floor,

                            Chuo-ku, Osaka, Japan 542-0086 


Tel.:       06-6152-8781

Fax:       06-6152-8782

CEO:      Junko KATO

Established:       July 2003

Assets:      10,000,000

Bank:    Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank

              Shinsaibashi Branch


Tokyo Studio

T-Life Architecture

2-9-3-203 Wakabayashi, Setagaya-ku

Tokyo, Japan 154-0023

Tel/Fax:  +81-3-5481-3295


Scope of Business Enterprise 

  • Architectural design, interior design and architectural design administration during construction

  • Environmental engineering related to real estate land and regional development, urban development

  • Contracting research, planning, urban and architectural design, construction administration

  • Design manufacturing, sales and design coordination and importing of furniture, lighting fixture, and interior equipment.

  • Color coordination consultation for architecture, interior space and product

  • Publishing, planning, design and production of printed materials

  • Planning, organizing and contracting health, body management, nutritional education, seminar on hygiene-immunology-related subject

  • Enterprise and operation of education facility for table coordinating

  • Enterprise and operation of bridal business

  • Service operation for expert lecturer in nutritional, hygiene, immunology, table Coordinating, bridal business and architecture

  • Consulting for hotel planning and operation

  • Management-related consulting research, real estate consulting

  • Market research, data retrieval and research on business information

  • Contracting business plan development for enterprise

  • Planning and organizing event, lecture and symposium

  • Rental space and related operation

  • Related operation for all items listed


Client List:

              ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Kyoto

      Riga Royal Hotel

      ECC Artist Trade School

      Four Days Corporation

              County of Longquan, Zhejiang Province, PRC

              Art Spring Co., Ltd.


Corporate History:

2003  Daigu Co. Ltd. founded             

2004  Contract with ECC Artist Trade School to send expert lecturers

Commenced table coordinating seminar in the Academy Division

2005  FTA Food Environment Total Life Association established

Commenced health science seminar in the Academy Division

2009  Ecole de Royal commenced in Riga Royal Hotel Culture School

2012  Consulting contract with ANA Crown Plaza Hotel Kyoto

2013  Corporate name changed to T-Life Environmental Lab Co. Ltd.



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